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Missionaries from South America Received Treatments from Saint Luke Hospital Korea

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A family from South America was treated by the members of Saint Luke Society ministry in the Hospital of Korea. With God’s grace, the family received a dental treatment free of charge from the hospital.

Pastor Luna Choi and Pastor Gerald Guerrero missionaries from South America received treatment from the dental and oriental clinic in the hospital. Both had dental prophylaxis, cleaning of the teeth, and as well implants.

Afterwards, both missionary also received treatment from the oriental clinic. They were checked for their current health and were given information about their pains and ways to improve body functions. Moreover, the Doctors’ were happy to talk to the missionaries and their news from SA mission.

Pastor Gerald and Pastor Luna in South America were very grateful for the treatment they received at the Saint Luke Hospital. They shared, “We will pray the medical ministry of South America will grow. We pray that South America will have more clinics and hospitals in the future.”

The staff from Saint Luke Hospital shared “We are very happy when we care for our patients. I pray that our patients throughout the world will pray for us and will be interested in our ministry and our works.”