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SLS Africa Conducts Second Online Medical Seminar

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SLS Africa had its second medical seminar on the 16th of July 2022. The seminar had 50 people registered from three different countries (Nigeria, South Africa, UK). 

This is the first seminar organized by the seminar committee and it was an attempt to access the strength and growth of the department. The theme of the conference was ‘Living a purpose-filled life as a healthcare worker’ 

The aim of the conference was to teach Healthcare workers, how to live a life that is purpose-driven and a life that is pleasing unto the Lord. The conference started at noon with the attendance of 31 participants. It commenced with an hour lecture from Dr. Joseph Lee (President of SLS) followed by an interactive session. 

The additional panelist for the interactive session was Dr. Corban Okoli of SLS UK and another guest; Dr. Pamella Ekiyor from the UK. Dr. Christopher of SLS Africa was the host of the seminar. The seminar facilitated the active participation of the members, as the people asked questions concerning real events and were engaging with the panelists.

In conclusion, the conference was able to highlight the need for all Christian healthcare workers to identify their unique role in preaching the Gospel of Christ and becoming a source of light in this dark world. The emphasis on the vertical relationship with God as pertaining to heavenly calling and the horizontal relationship with man as pertaining to community impact and career was clearly elaborated to all participants. The conference ended after two hours of the intense and exciting session. SLS Africa will continue to provide quality seminars as such that will help healthcare workers to grow spiritually and to excel in their medical field.