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The Third “Leadership Seminar of Korean Christian Medical Personnel” successfully finished.

SLS”s held another leadership seminar, which is part 2 of third “Leadership Seminar of Korean Christian Medical Personnel.” This seminar consisted of a lecture, Q&A session and the introduction of SLS. This session was scheduled for only two hours, but the meeting finished much later than expected due to the passion of the participants. It was similar when they had part 1 two weeks ago.

The lecturer, Elder Geon Oh Lee (Advisor at CCC Agape, Representative of Pyoung Taek Philanthropy Hospital) lectured on the subject “The Paradigm Shift of Medical Mission.” Lee shared a deep understanding of evangelism and mission and change of the perspectives from the past to the present and way to go in the future.

Elder Lee said, “Every saint shall avoid the Dualistic Thinking and worship God through living a mission-oriented life.” He emphasized that medical ministry itself can testify Jesus to the people and we need to approach with holistic way as medical professionals. Lee said, “The mission of the past only focused on foreigners evangelizing natives and it was one-directional and missionary oriented most of the time. As the information era has come, the way of the mission gets wider and multi-directional mission is happening.” The lecturer also explained that about the desirable future of the medical mission. He said about “Mission Field Centered Ministry”, “Coworker Mission” and “the cultivation of native leadership” and “early transfer” and “activation of team mission”, “Training of sending missionary.”

After the lecture, they shared about effective mission method without conflict in the hospital and successful cases. They had the introduction of SLS and shared their international networks which include USA, China, Europe and more. Medical services and research document ministry were also shared with the participants at that time.