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Graceful Reflection from A Pre-Med Student in His Internship in Korea Hospital

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Saint Luke Society held a conference with the missionaries and leaders of the ministry. A Pre-Med student, Peter Obalaya was invited to do an internship and experience the life SLS Doctors. Mr. Obalaya was a student from a top international school in Russia and was evangelized by a pastor. After months, he is now leading the medical ministry in the school to promote a community of faith and use their talents to serve through medicine with the love of Christ. Peter shared his experience below:

This is my first time in Asia and definitely Korea. Coming here, I didn’t know what to expect, so I came with an open mind and excitement.

I am to spend two weeks here in Korea. I have to say that my experience during this period of time has been amazing, fulfilling in all ways including physically, intellectually, medically, psychologically and most importantly spiritually.

The first week was spent in the Saint Luke Hospital, Korea. I spent this time in the internal medicine and orthopedic surgery departments. I learned a lot during this time from our Pastor Joseph Lee and Doctor Sujung Kim.

It was an opportunity for me to gain medical practice knowledge from them and I’m very grateful for this. They gave me their full attention and I felt very welcomed by their staff.

I was impressed by the state and level of development of the Saint Luke hospital. The patients seem satisfied by the treatment and care given to them by our doctors.

I have to say that our doctors are doing a great job.

In my second week, I started the bible study with Pastor Haeju Kang. He taught me various topics ranging from Guilty Conscience, Sin, Salvation,  to the Kingdom of God. I had many questions which were completely answered during this period of Bible study.

The interpreter for me during the Bible study was Sister Eunice. She is an amazing lady with a pure heart. Pastor

Haeju Kang is an incredible teacher of the Bible and I feel blessed to be taught by him.

Also during my second week, I was shown around the city of Seoul. I visited the major landmarks and was introduced to the Korean history and culture. I have to thank brother Jungho Shim who along with Pastor Haeju Kang, showed me around the city.