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A Pre-Med Student Shares His Testimony of Evangelism in Russia

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I evangelized to a young man. He studies at my university and he’s Vietnamese. He’s a pharmacy student. The conversation just started plainly by me telling him about SLS and what we do and our objectives.

Then from there, I started sharing with him the Good News. I started telling about Jesus, how and most importantly why he died for us. I shared with him about God’s love and how much God loves us. I was so surprised when he told me that nobody had ever told him about Jesus before.

He listened to me attentively and we spent time talking. He told me that the words I was sharing with him were inspirational. He told me that he felt empty inside his soul and he wants to feel better. He says he has many questions and I invited him to our church and told him all his answers are going to be answered.

I would like us to keep this brother in our prayers so that the Lord can lead him and turn his heart. I would also like to evangelize more and bring more people to God.

Evangelism in Moscow is a little bit difficult due to the people’s hard mentality and also the government strict restrictions. I would like you to put us in your prayers. Thank you