Saint Luke Society

St. Luke Society HQ Plans to Promote Ministry to Medical Students in Argentina


St. Luke Society has been communicating with leaders in Argentina for future collaboration. Currently, active evangelism for medical students is taking place and it is scheduled that there will be a one-day retreat for medical students in December.  To better connect with them, SLS is planning to send resources and materials to Argentina so that the local minister can introduce SLS and its activities as part of the retreat program. The resources will include a presentation about the ministry, covering the founding history, mission, and vision.

St. Luke Society wishes that medical students can learn about the ministry in detail and be inspired by the vision of SLS. This opportunity will serve as a channel to reach out to medical students in Argentina and also serve as a potential to set up a new international chapter. SLS will continue to communicate with the local leaders for further collaboration for evangelizing and raising medical students.