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St. Luke Society Preparing Participants of Project Healing Hands through Pre-training

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St. Luke Society held the advance education for its short-term medical mission program, Healing Hands. The pre-training was conducted for all the participants who will leave for the Philippines soon.

The people who attended first took time to fill out the participation promise and the personal statement together with the brief greetings.

Afterward, the ministry introduced themselves and gave a presentation about the preparation of medical treatment.

First, the Secretary of St. Luke Society, Jeongho Shim introduced the finalized schedule and information about the airline, preparation, service area, accommodation and other meeting places through PPT presentation.

Then, the representative, Myeongseop Shin shared the progress of Healing Hands preparation and introduced sharing programs including registration, medical service, and hygiene issues and meals.

He also introduced the order and movement of volunteer activities, and shared the contents of the composition of the medical staff, the role of each department, and the matters of concern.

Since then, question-and-answer times have continued, and meetings have been organized by teams at each department (internal medicine, dentistry, and orthopedic surgery) to discuss issues such as drug distribution, assistance, and cooperation.

After the meeting, one of the attendants shared his testimony with saying, “I am grateful that I will be able to serve those who need medical care through this opportunity.”

One sister said, “I am worried because I am still a student with little practical experience. I do not know many things, but I would like to cooperate with doctors and local volunteers and deliver warm love to many.”

Another sister shared her reflection saying, “I want to take care of the ministry that I have been entrusted by God’s love, in prayer, though I am very lacking.”