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SLS Short-Term Mission in the Philippines “Project Healing Hands”

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The Saint Luke Society is promoting its international short-term medical mission in the Philippines which will be held on July 28 to August 1.

“Project Healing Hands” was given the title for the short-term mission containing the message that targets the ministry’s commission. The ministry will use the slogan, “’Come over to help us” to encourage the medical missionaries to join the mission work.

The project’s information and details such as the schedule, orientations, interviews, and orientation were published on SLS Korea’s website ( The website also contains project materials including the leaflets, posters, online articles, and other relating materials on the short-term mission.

For those who are interested in the short-term mission and want to be involved, the application will be available until April 14th. After the interviews, the final list of the confirmed participants will be posted at the end of the month of April. To be fully prepared, a mission education and orientation will be held afterwards.

The airfare, meals, lodging, and other expenses will be fully supported by the ministry.

The schedule rundown for the short-term mission trip includes morning service, the medical service, nighttime Bible study, and sightseeing and testimony on the last day. More information will be provided through the online website. Please contact for more information.

For those who are interested to join, here is the link for the brochure and registration: