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SLS Korea Hospital Oriental Medicine Opened Pilates Class for Pregnant Women

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In Saint Luke Hospital in Korea, the Oriental Medicine Dept. started the Pilates class for pregnant women. Pilates is a light exercise very suitable for pregnant women which train the body to be more flexible and stronger.

Moreover, the Pilate exercise promotes deep breathing and relaxation. Doing Pilates can strengthen the muscles in your stomach area and as well as the back and your pelvic muscles.

Some doctors recommend doing light exercise during pregnancy which promotes not just your whole body but also your mental fortitude.

The Saint Luke Hospital Oriental Medicine also promoted various programs such as Korean style Sitz Bath, application of traditional medicine Jaungo, and a Korean diet meal.

Dr. Soyoung in Saint Luke Hospital Oriental medicine shared, “Saint Luke Hospital Oriental medicine opened the Pilate and traditional medicine class for the treatment and disease prevention for women. The Pilates class will open once every two or three months.”