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SLS Head of the Internal Medicine Doctor Shared His Testimony About Patient Accepting Jesus

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Dr. Sujeong, Head of the Internal Medicine Doctor in Saint Luke Society, shared a testimony about her recently patient that was treated in St. Luke Hospital. Like most doctors, they tend to find their patient loss of hope due to diseases and or some situation. However, Doctors’ were given a chance to bring hope and salvation to their patient.

The patient has been battling on to a rare disease. Dr. Kim is constantly treating this patient, and found hope for him to be completely cured spiritually, through the blood of Jesus. The patient’s talked about the fear of death, and Dr. Kim consoled the patient about the only cure for death and the life of eternity afterward.

Over time, the patient grew closer to Dr. Kim. The patient started to go to church with the advice of Dr. Kim. Moreover, the patient started to have a deep conversation with Dr. Kim, and the patient was being consoled spiritually and psychologically.

With God’s grace, the patient got better and was invited to join the SLS Christmas Retreat, and was accepted with a joyful heart.

Dr. Kim shared that she prays for the health of this patient and with the grace of accepting Jesus Christ as his savior.