Bible study

St. Luke Societys raises all members with Word as Jesus preached the gospel of heaven and taught his disciples. One to One raising systems enables leaders to meet, counsel and raise members one on one and be united with them more tightly with love. One to One Bible Study is to have members be strengthened in their heart with Word and grow deeply in Faith. Leaders become shepherds and members lambs that each leader teaches and raises members according to their spiritual level and background, as the Lord fed and raised people in this land.


Campus group bible meeting
Hospital Group Bible Study
Regional Group Bible Study

Group Bible Study is the time to learn the Word and reflect the lives upon the Word among the members who belong to campuses and hospitals. They gather together to learn the Word and share the lives of one another and useful information and news. Group meeting is the time to confess the grace of the Lord who presented in our lives and share the grace so that everyone is filled with the grace of the Lord. Through the meetings, all members are coming close to the Lord and becoming the spiritual family in the Truth of Lord. Just like the Early Churches continued to meet together in the temple courts and broke bread in their homes praising God, members gather to share the Word and Grace in their lives revealing the glory of the Lord who presents among us.? Mature Christians counsel new believers during the meetings, sharing the grace each other. Young and old get together to comfort and encourage each other to become one with Love of Christ. The path we are walking is not lonely for many brothers and sisters walk together. We aim to make a community of Love with various regular Group Bible Study programs by campuses, regions, hospitals and specialties.

International / Regional Conferences

Each year, we hold leaders gatherings around the world or in each individual continents to focus on the task of global evangelism and bring forth the Gospel to the university students of today. The conference serves as a consultation for leaders to exchange information and ideas regarding critical issues the missions now face and the visionary hopes for the missions and developments that are to come.

Leadership Network

The Leadership Network is an approach to maintain communications among the young, inspirational student leaders around the world who devoted themselves in teaching the Gospel to their campuses. From the Far East regions of Korea to the Western coasts of United States, the network interlinks campus ministries of every region through intranet websites and mass media. Other functions of the network include assistance in ministry work, updates on planned events, and transparency of missions across the globe.

Online seminars and workshops

When embarking on a new mission or pioneering new fields of evangelism, what leaders need the most are resources and information that will aid them to set up the foundations of their mission. The sponsored online seminars and workshops are especially dedicated to missionaries abroad who request guidance in their mission field.

Teacher's cource

Student Bible study teachers are raised from committed volunteers who wish to devote their time and strength to share the gospel and testify the works of the Lord in their lives on campus. The teachers are prepared through a set of standard teaching courses that include Bible verse memorization, lecture note taking and advanced Biblical studies, and basic Christian theological and historical concepts.

Quiet Time

The first is given to the Lord in this gathering where we open the day with praise, prayers, and messages. Each day is a precious gift from the Lord and an opportunity to grow deeper in faith. We wish to use wisely the early hours and give it as sincere offering to the Lord, receiving strength from the Holy Spirit for the coming day.

Prayer Meeting

St. Luke Society considers prayers as an essential part of our spiritual life. We believe that prayers given with earnest heart is the source of miracles on earth. And knowing that the Lord hears all of our prayers and answers them in His time, we wish to be the ministry that follows the demonstration of the Spirit's power. Our spirit breathes through our prayers. We wish to acknowledge this amazing truth during these meetings.


St. Luke Society hold several retreats throughout the year, with two major national retreats in the Spring and Summer and one international retreat held in the Winter. Also, St. Luke Society often organize retreats at smaller scale for members to gather by region at a local site. During retreats, members participate in outdoor activities, building team cooperation and getting to know one another as they compete for special prizes (though at the end of the day, everyone comes out a winner!). We also hold a talent show, where members from each region can display the special gifts the Lord has bestowed upon them. In the past, groups have inspired us with beautiful singing, graceful dancing and touching plays, and we are always amazed at the diversity of talents, as well as the time that each group puts in to their performances, all for praising the Lord!