Mission Statement

  1. We confess that God created this world, an authority of all cure on earth came from God. We acknowledge that God is the one who has the ultimate authority in the health, disease and cure.
  2. The creation of God was the creation of love. But through the fall of Adam, the sin have entered into the world and through it, all kinds of diseases have came into being. But God sent his son, Jesus Christ to heal the sinful world and save us. The medical care workers on earth have to put forth their strength to know Christ clearly and let the people who do not know the Lord know Christ testifying the Gospel.
  3. All the medical cure workers are in the position of healer whether they want or not. We will address ourselves to a life upon the foundation of Faith that God is an origin of all life. We should treat the souls of earth with the humility that is entrusting all souls to God who heals the spirit, flesh and soul. In addition we should face with the sincerity upon the commission that we received so that we will not let the glory of God can be hidden because of our faults.
  4. Saint Luke Society wishes to devote its life to Medical Mission that is preaching the love of the Lord and healing the ones who suffer because of the sin and disease of this earth by following the example of ministry of Jesus Christ who had the mercy on the sufferings and diseases of the earth and healed the sick having no time to take a rest.
  5. We believe that the medicine is a field of the normal revelation which God allowed the human. Our Lord performs his healing work to human through the medicine. Modern medicine is an instrument of Power that God uses.
  6. Therefore we believe that when we know God who is the origin of all life and cure, the true medicine can be done, and this kind of one who knows God can treat the life