St. Luke Society was founded by some medical college students and practitioners involved in medicine, odontology and Chinese medicine who had gathered for praying and studying Bible - wishing for the comforting and healing of people suffering from sins and diseases in this land with the love of Christ, who is the true doctor that healed every hurt and broken soul with Love.

Through the work of Holy Spirit this meeting got bigger and the Words ignited fire on their hearts so that the vision of the 'gospelisation of medical society' established. Finally, in the year 2002 , student leaders officially started the organization "Saint Luke Society". By the grace of God and through the power of the Holy Spirit, increasing number of student across the nation was gatherd in the name "SLS" and SLS spread the Gospel to other countries around the world steadily. Foreign campuses were touched by the Grace, SLS international was quickly established.

Today SLS has expanded into across Europe, East Asia, Africa, South America, and we have 15 nations network.

St. Luke Society is providing one on one Bible Studies, GBS on campuses and in hospitals, Leadership Training, Friday Praise Meeting and Prayers, Summer/Winter Retreats, Medicine Ethical Seminars, Overseas Mission, Free Medical Services and more, and through these things St. Luke Society is fulfilling the will of educating doctors, who resemble Christ.

SLS's goal is to help many students and practitioners in medical society understand the live of God as manifested Jesus Christ who are true healer of every souls. By the time of fulfilling our vision, we will not stop evangelizing all medical societies and preaching Gospel in the name of father.