1. General Affairs : To administer over all departments and schedule special events or meetings during which representatives gather to discuss the activities and progress of each department. It is also the responsibility of General Affairs to set up special committees when deemed necessary.
  2. Mission Department : To draft specific mission plans for each country, record standards and goals set by each nation, and monitor missionary activities; research the culture and society of countries and campuses and develop mission guides; direct pioneering activities and guide missionaries in VISA application procedures.
  3. Finance Department : For Saint Luke Society to function well in the short and long term, a strong financial team has been set up. The Finance Department handles day-to-day financial operations, and, more importantly, creates annual budgets for the Headquarters in America and in all the other countries. It is in charge of gathering always new methods of funding and developing current forms of fundraising.
  4. Web department : To build and maintain websites, create advanced web designs, and conduct research on website development. To research on possible methods to promote evangelism via Internet and technologies and organize contents and information to post electronically to the public.
  5. IP (Intercessory Prayer) : To collect international goals and prayer topics, intercede and mediate for each nation through prayers, share visions and grace from prayers, and regulate prayer standards internationally.
  6. Ministry : To promote Christian culture amongst student life within universities and unite the spirits and visions of the Christian believers through arrangements of cultural gathering and events.
  7. Publishing Department- The Publishing Department works closely with the Education : Department in order to supply SLS members with the finest and most spiritually valuable resources to fulfill all mission needs. Not only does the Publishing Department work to provide original materials for education, but it also directly supports mission by designing and publishing all printed materials for St. Luke Society, including: membership cards, bulletins, offline newsletters, books, flyers, and business cards. Finally, the Publishing Department works internally within SLS to provide administrators with the manuals and materials that are necessary for standardizing mission structure and policy.