Who We Are

St. Luke Society is evangelical medical ministry. We are doing our best to know Christ, who is the true Healer and St. Luke Mission is community of faith in order to raise many doctors those who can serve through medicine with the love of Christ. The vision of St. Luke Society is the following.

The vision of St. Luke Society is the following.

1. Educate those doctors who resemble Christ

Jesus Christ is the one who comfort and heal the sick. He is a true doctor, who treat pains of the earth through mercy and love. St. Luke Society wish that all doctors of the earth serve others though their medicine knowing the love of Christ. St. Luke Society have educated doctors, who can put into practice through Words and Love of the Lord. We are teaching and delivering the love of Christ to doctors through constant evangelism and discipleship. Doctors are the ones who are mediators of God's healing and authority in order to heal many sick. As the Lord healed this world with love, we also wish to take care of the sick and have this commission fulfilled. St. Luke Society wishes to educate all the doctors of this earth to be like Christ the Healer through evangelism and education.

2. 'Gospelisation' of the Hospital

St. Luke Society pray that the hospitals of this earth practice the love of Christ and be changed. For the sake of it, we are doing GBS in hospital and are publishing magazines and giving counseling.

3. Spread of the Gospel through medical service

Christians, who received salvation freely, have the responsibility of testifying the love to their neighbor and preaching the Gospel. St. Luke Society confess that what we have is received from God not from us. Especially Talents which were given by God, is the gift of God. St. Luke Society wish to distribute the gift of God through medical, local, overseas serving. It is reasonable to give out without any cost because we also have received freely, without cost. We remember the heart of the Lord, who took the sin for those who suffer in the sinful world. And we also wish to follow that path Jesus took. It is such a great joy that we can participate in the life of Love that Jesus took. St. Luke Society serve our neighbors through medicine to heal all pain of sickness which was caused by sin.

4. Establish the Hospital which fulfils 'complete' healing

St. Luke Society plans to establish SLMC(Saint Luke Medical Center) in order to support high level medicine and constant treatment overcoming the limitation of medical mission. SLMC will be established in Development countries and it will be a center of medical mission. Furthermore it will be provided in order to establish hospitals to the third world. SLMC will take charge of educating and raising many Christian doctors. Therefore, each one of the countries of world will have an established SLMC and a world wide network will be made. Through this network, we wish to contribute for the world gospelisation uniting with world medical mission fellowship.

5. Establish Kingdom of God in Medical Society

St. Luke Society is going towards the establishment of the Kingdom of God in medical society. The final goal of all Society is the restoring of the image of God in every soul. St. Luke Society is working for many different ministries in order to restore the image of God in all doctors serving people through true love. We pray that all hospitals of the earth will serve a true 'complete' healing.


Dr. Young S. Lee

International President

Dr. Myung S. Shin


Dr. Jae S. Kang